Amino-humic Organic Fertilizer
Appearance:Black Granular
Cas No.:1415-93-6
Hs Code:31059090
Amino-humic Organic Fertilizer

Amino-humic Organic Fertilizer

1. Basic indicators                                                                            


Black Granular

H.S Code:


2. Technical specifications                                                                    


black granular

Particle size


Organic matter

45% min

Humic acid

35% min (Dry basis)


2% max

3. Application                                                    

1). Improving soil: swelling and water absorption, loosen soil, break the soil compaction, prevent soil degradation

2). Environmental friendly: regulating soil micro ecology, decrease pesticide residues, passivate heavy metals.

3). Reducing diseases: controlling the growth of soil borne pathogens, reduce the underground pests.

4). Comprehensive nutrition: Be rich in medium trace elements, prevent the deficience of syndrome effectively

5). Promotion of anti-adverse: well-developed root system, prevent excessive growth, induce plant to produce phytoalexin, increase the ability of crop resistance.

6). Increasing yield: promoting flower bud differentiation, increase fruit setting rate, promote the expansion, improve fruit weight, early maturity.

7). Improving quality: improving fruit color, surface light, hardness, improve the content of solid matters and storage stability.

4. Packing and storage                                                                                       

Packing: Double coated plastic woven bag, 25kg / 40kg net.

Storage: Dry, ventilated, moisture proof.   

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