Sulfur Coated Urea
Model:JZBT-SU Fertilizer
Appearance:Yellow Granular
Cas No.:57-13-6
Hs Code:3102100090
High Purity Sulfur Coated Urea of Nitrogen in Sustained-Release Fertilizer

Sulfur Coated Urea (SCU)

1. Basic indicators                                                                            

Cas No.:



Yellow Granular

H.S Code:


2. Technical specifications                                                                    



Total Nitrogen(N)mass fraction

35% Min

Sulfur (S) of the mass fraction

15% Min

Nutrient release rate

15% Max

Static nitrogen dissolution rate

30% Max

Biuret mass fraction

1.5% Max

Water (H2O) mass fraction

1.0 Max

Size (1.00-4.75mm or 3.35-5.60mm)

90% Min

3. Product Description                                                                                                      

Sulfur coated slow-release fertilizer, using international advanced technology, advanced technology, drum curtain coating technology; manufacturing is a high-tech high-tech slow-release fertilizer granulation process. Birth sulfur coated urea completely replace conventional urea and other fertilizers reach the effect of sulfur coated production in recent years through experiments further show sulfur coated urea yield, high quality, environmentally friendly, efficient, low-carbon, green , soil improvement, more output, harvest yield a big happy event, time-saving, labor, money and real disposable dressing dream.

4. Features                                                                                  

High-tech technology products, the company chose a uniform quality granular urea, curtain coating and add sealant, conditioner, sustained effect of science, do not fade, no shelling, uniform particles, mixing good, no deliquescence , non-caking, smooth non-hierarchical row fertilizer at planting. SCU 36% containing N, 35%, comprising 15% S, adding sealant, conditioner 5%, and the total amount of more than 56% of elements, soil improvement, sterilization and disease prevention, protection of water, drought, no pollution, can adapt to a major role of neutral saline soil improvement, truly reflect and demonstrate control sulfur coated urea slow-release energy saving, efficient new good fertilizer.

5. Packing and storage                                                                                       

Packing: Double coated plastic woven, 25kg net.

Storage: Dry, ventilated, moisture proof.   

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