Aluminium Hydroxide Customers
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Summary:Aluminium Hydroxide Customers
Aluminium hydroxide is amphoteric hydroxide. White powder. Practically insoluble in water, can condensed suspended matter of water, adsorption pigments. Slow, sustained, strong resistance to acid, convergence, a mucosal protective effect, resulting in constipation, does not produce CO2 (carbon dioxide), no acid rebound, no alkali-free blood.

Applications of ath aluminium hydroxide 
1. Used as water treatment, catalyst and catalyst carrier. 
2 Used as flame retardant in resin, synthetic rubber and plastic industry.
3 Used in glass industry to increase whiteness, transparency, glossiness and brightness.
4 Used in production of waterproof fabric, printing ink, paper filler, wires and cables.
5 Used as mordant in dye/painting industry for its strong adsorption capacity of coloring matter.
6 Used as ceramic material.
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